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Couples Retreats

Each retreat is $1,500 per day for 1, 2, or 3 days. Covers room and board.

This is one on one work. Barbara works with one couple at a time. Email to schedule a 15 min consult.


Both people of the couple must be present for phone consult. Barbara will not speak to only one party. 


Non-Refundable Deposit of $500 to book a retreat. Remainder due in cash, cc, or CashApp upon arriving.

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Divine Touch Retreat


We teach couples how to give and receive mutual touch in a respectful, honoring way. Barbara teaches couples on how to give and receive massage. The act of touching our partner gives sustenance. It gives life. In this retreat couples are given guided meditations to help them enter a relaxed state so that information can be retained when learning and practicing massage techniques.


What you learn


How they affect one emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

How the chakras communicate to you through the body and how one can use them as your teacher and healer.


Light, medium, and firm massage strokes.

Using other parts of the body to massage.

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Relational Communication Retreat


Whether it is the need to up the notch or an all out help me please, we’re here to help you throw the facades away, center into your heart where you hold care and compassion.


A lot of people have forgotten to be honest while still holding true to ourselves. Honesty comes with being courageous with one's self first. We can help find it for you, with you. We can have a difference of opinion that is in harmony. Our point is not the only one just because it’s our idea. We need to allow the other to have a perspective other than our own. When we resolve we then have wholeness. 


Don’t become attached or entertained to the other’s wrongs or your grievances. Stop the self-illusion.

Young couple anbracing each other

Intensive Couples Retreat 


This retreat is for those who have come to a breaking point where each person in the relationship understands that they will need to face their fears in order to help themselves and the broken relationship they have with their partner.


We’re not here to ‘make’ another person change without they themselves wanting to change. One must come for self and the relationship rather than to ‘fix’ their partner. For example: someone has cheated and both want to work at gaining trust back so that they can live together harmoniously.


It includes a variety of modalities based upon what is addressed with us. This retreat involves both talk and touch therapy. We use both clinical and holistic modalities and direct couple on assignments/exercises.

What our customers are saying

We have been to Barbara before a few years ago before she offered her retreats when she held couples class. She taught me and my husband how to touch each other through massage. We learned a great deal and have been using her techniques often that has renewed our love for each other. 

Thank YOU Barbara. You're the best! I highly recommend you. 

Michael and Gwen

Barbara Berwick - Spiritual & Emotional Healing

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