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All work is done intuitively. 

lady laying down

Swedish Massage

1 hr $100

90 min $140

Basic relaxation using long flowing strokes working front and back of arms and legs, feet, back and neck.  

lady laying down getting a back massage

Spirit Massage 

1 hr $130

90 min $180


Barbara's Spirit  massage is similar to Esalen using long flowing strokes that feels like a dance. Abs are included in this type of service. Strokes are a combination of light, medium, and heavy. Some passive stretching is usually included. Draping is light that covers genitalia. 

This type of massage is extremely soothing and one of the most sought after massages Barbara offers. 

wooden board with bottle of essential oil

Add Essential Oils

Add two essential oils for $10 to any one of your sessions 

lady giving a foot massage

Thai Bodywork 

90 min $150

Performed with clothes on. Thai Bodywork can be done on a massage table or the floor on a thick, covered matt. Barbara uses a thick covered matt in her studio. 

This style involves client lying on mat in a passive state. The practitioner leads the stretching while the recipient remains in a passive state. Many of the stretches involve holding and pressing patterns. This style of massage allows the practitioner to work many areas of the body and as such, releases one from physical, emotional and mental distress. It is an amazing piece of art virtually anyone can receive. 

essential oils

Chinese Tui Na Bodywork

1 hr $100

90 min $140

Chinese Tui Nu is a holistic form of therapeutic massage. It's gentle rocking push/pull movements that helps to alleviate tension and pain.

It is non-invasive, non-confrontational, safe and an indirect approach to the bodies physical and psychological imbalances. Use of a subtle blend of Chinese acupressure meridian therapy. 

Click here to see an example of what TuiNa looks like 

The body is guided to taught to harness its own bio electric immune system or "inner intelligence". By working on the mind and para - and sympathetic nervous system's first, we turn inflammation and blockage around and lay the groundwork for further myofascial release as well. 

There no side effects other than feeling better. 

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